March 19, 2020

Rakim God MC


A couple of weeks ago, on March 4, MCA Denver had the pleasure of hosting the hip hop legend Rakim at the Oriental Theatre for a special evening of conversation and performance. He was joined by professor Adam Bradley, author of the Anthology of Hip Hop, and director of RAP Lab (the Laboratory for Race and Popular Culture) at the University of Colorado at Boulder. 

When Rakim took the stage he shared stories from his book Sweat the Technique. He took us back to 1987 with the song I Know You Got Soul. He answered questions from the audience. Please enjoy these highlights from the evening. 



In the coming weeks, MCA Denver will be mining our extensive archives to share and showcase the fabulous artists, musicians, and scholars we have had the pleasure of hosting over many years of producing programming at the museum. Plus, we’ll also have some new stuff too! Cool? Cool.