April 14, 2022

Meet Christina Chambers, The Creator behind MCA Denver’s Creators Studio: A New Cohort-Based Initiative for Denver’s Emerging Adults

Tai Bickham


It has been quite a busy few months for Christina Chambers, Assistant Director of Programming at MCA Denver. Fresh off the heels of putting together the Laugh Your Craft Off programming at the museum, and co-producing an incredible lineup for the opening celebration of the Holiday Theater, Christina is now applying her knowledge and expertise in capturing the attention of young adults through a new museum initiative for the emerging adult audience. 

MCA Denver Creators Studio is a seven -week cohort-based program that brings together professional artists and young creators to build community and connections within the Denver art scene. It is an exciting opportunity for the Denver creative community that are college age, but might not be college-bound, and providing those with the access and opportunity to learn from those who have made the art and creative services their business. I interviewed Christina to learn more about the new museum program and why it is important to the Denver community. 

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Hi Christina! How are you? 

Hi Tai! I’m good. There’s a lot going on for MCA and the Programs Team right now, but all very exciting things.

What was the inspiration for creating the MCA Denver Creators Studio program? 

Prior to me being with MCA Denver, there was an increase in attendance at the museum for what was called “emerging adults”; young adults ages 18-26 (college age, not necessarily college-bound). With this increase, the museum’s leadership team realized there was a gap for this age range in keeping them connected to the museum beyond seeing exhibitions. We have a great teen presence through an internship, and there was a need to grow connections for young adults in the same way.

What is the Creators Studio? 

The MCA Denver Creators Studio Program is a collaborative, seven-week, paid internship experience for young adults ages 18-26.

This is a cohort-based program that brings together professional artists and young creators to build community and connections within the Denver art scene. All participants will receive creative training, entrepreneurial development, and mentorship from some of the city’s leading creatives. Additional discipline-specific training will also be provided in one of two learning tracks: visual arts or creative exploration. At the end of the program, participants will participate in a public forum to present what they learned as a final creative pitch.

The focus of the Creators Studio is for those emerging adults who are college age, but not necessarily college-bound, why this demographic? 

This program is for a wide range of young creatives who are interested in gaining experience, making connections, and learning skills that can lend to their practice. Participants do not have to be established artists to be in this program. If they are, great! However, we want to encourage creative young people at all skill levels to apply, in order to give them the space to bridge their creativity with their career aspirations.

This demographic was selected to fulfill a need for the museum and give an opportunity that we felt was lacking in the community. 

Who is eligible to apply? 

To be eligible for the program, you must be between the ages of 18 -26 and a Denver resident with a high school diploma or GED. You should be interested in exploring and developing your interests in the creative field and visual arts, and have the time to dedicate to the commitment of the seven-week program. 

What is your hope for the Creators Studio and the programs participants? 

My hope for the program is to give young artists and creatives a great experience. I also hope participants build lasting connections with each other and the mentors. I hope these inaugural cohorts can be catalysts for admitting even more people in the coming years and exploring additional specific tracks; including music, fashion, murals, and technology design.

Why is a program like the Creators Studio important to the community? 

This is important for the community because there are few experiences for young artists and creatives outside the collegiate space that provide professional training and mentorship. Oftentimes, it can take artists years to have a better understanding of the business aspect of their work or find spaces to share their creativity. This program will address those items and help participants define or refine their practice.

To learn more about the MCA Denver Creators Studio program and to apply, visit here.

Applications are being accepted now through May 4, 2022.