September 22, 2020

MCA Denver new shop maker: TaylorNikole


Last month we introduced a new maker in the MCA Denver shop, TaylorNikole! Taylor fuses together fashion and art to create her one of a kind statement earrings. No two pairs of earrings are the same, yet each pair can elevate any outfit. These polymer clay earrings prove that art isn’t just for walls, it’s to be worn and appreciated on our bodies, too! 

Recently, we talked with Taylor about her process, styling her earrings, and how art making is a healing and stabilizing force in her life. 

Full body portrait of Taylor in a studio surrounded by plants. She is wearing a black blazer, cowgirl boots, and her statement earrings.

We’re so excited to be carrying your earrings in our shop as of late! How did you first get started creating your statement earrings, and what artwork or artists inspire your work?

I have had this dream of making my own statement earrings for years. Without having much time I often had to stop my dream. The pandemic lockdown actually gave me time to do what I love. I wanted to make people feel good with my art during these hard times. 

My art is more inspired by architecture, shapes, and abstract paintings. I appreciate the art work made by Bobby Clark (IG @bobbyclark__ ) her work inspires me so much.

You’ve said that your “collections are designed to represent the connection between art and fashion.” Does your process typically start with art or fashion influences, or do you start from a given design and connect it back to art and elevate it through fashion? Walk us through your process. 

My process typically starts with art and how colors, shapes, and textures make me feel. Then I take a part of my journey and let the ideas inspire the collections. I then use fashion to express the overall feel and meaning of my idea through editorial photographs.

Close up portrait of Jaylan Rose, wearing big arch shaped earrings that are beige, pink, blue, and green.


Your jewelry truly is wearable art. What are some of your favorite ways to style your earrings? 

I love styling my statement earrings with more of a monochromatic color story. For example, all nude palette outfits paired with a pop of my earring. It gives the vibe of a blank canvas and a splash of art.

How has creating been a stabilizing, healing, or challenging practice in your life, specifically during this moment in time with the COVID-19 pandemic, racial and social unrest, and the overall state of the world? 

Art has always been therapeutic to me. Whenever I’m down I turn to painting. I know how the problems of the world can be so stressful. I want to make others feel better instead of keeping my art to myself. I want humans to feel like art, feel loved, feel a part of something positive. So that drive keeps me stabilized during these hard times.

How are you practicing self-care? 

I practice self-care in so many ways. Face masks and any pampering I can do by myself keeps me looking good and feeling good. Reading and learning more just helps me relax and feel like a stronger person. Also, my job is self-care! Being able to wake up and paint everyday is a dream.

What is giving you hope right now? 

My supporters give me hope! Without them none of this would be possible. I hope to pay them back with more good news and accomplishments.