February 23, 2023

Hues of Heritage: A Celebration of Black History Month Featuring Tyler Aguilar

Tai Bickham


February is Black History Month! It is a time to honor and celebrate the contributions and achievements made by Black and African American people in this country, past, and present. 

Denver-based artist Tyler Aguilar creates dynamic artwork under the pseudonym, Crispysz. You may have seen his character, Heartboy, on a variety of colorful works from paintings to plush toys. We chatted with Tyler as part of our Hues of Heritage, spotlighting those within our community who create, educate, motivate and encourage exploration. 

Check out a snippet of the questions from our interview, and watch the full video below.

tyler aguilar wearing a self designed shirt with be a good person

How would you describe your artistic style?

My artistic style is like a huge amalgamation of styles that I find interesting. I try to incorporate art styles from history with things that are current themes in my life. The art that I make is largely inspired by a character that I've created, and his name is Heartboy. I try to place him in my art more abstractly. Then I also try to carry him as a mascot for my clothing brand. 

So while you'll see him in my art, just existing, I also take his presence and put it into clothing, like you see with Mickey Mouse and KAWS, making the character interchangeable. I make action figures, sculptures, stuffed toys, and bags. Everything I’m creating and selling is essentially inspired by the character, Heartboy.


Three words that motivate you?

To trust yourself. Because trust is important.

Celebrating Black History Month, who is a historic Black figure who has had an influence on you?

A historical Black figure that's had an influence on my personal style and my artwork - Michael Jackson, hands down. He's a legend. He's got his presence to himself and all of his work is really heartfelt. Everything is coming from a place of his life.

Who is a favorite Black artist/creator of yours? 

My favorite black visual artist is definitely Jean-Michel Basquiat. He's the best one.

Check out the full interview with Tyler, below:


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