December 18, 2020

Holiday 2020: MCA Denver Staff Gift Giving


It’s not a new thing for us to tap into our colleagues and friends in the MCA Denver office for gift ideas and recommendations for small businesses we can support year-round as well as during the holiday season. In fact, it’s routine! This year, since some of us are working from home, we’re relying on slack messages and zoom calls to get the scoop. 

Today, we want to share some of our staff’s favorite small businesses to inspire and encourage you to shop small as you’re wrapping up (get it? *wink*) your holiday shopping. In addition, we’re also excited to share their favorite item in the MCA Denver shop! We’re lucky in that we don’t have to look far to find responsibly sourced items that are made by artists and for the whole fam (your actual family or your friends that are like family).

Dylan Woods | Cafe & Bar Lead

headshot of Dylan in one of the MCA Denver white galleries. He is wearing a short sleeve green button up, with diamond shapes on it. His ams are to his side, and he’s looking directly at the camera with a soft but sly look on his face.

Favorite small or local business to shop at/support this holiday season: Sacred Thistle

Your MCA Denver product selection: Botanica Incense. It is aromatherapy in beautiful packaging that helps you relax at the end of any day. And all of the scents slap so you can't go wrong.


 seven packages of incense laying side by side on a white background. Incense sticks frame the packages displayed.

Tai Bickham | Marketing & Community Specialist

portrait of Tai in an eclectic, pink colored room. She’s lounging on a bench and is holding up a corded landline phone, looking up and smiling.

Favorite small or local business to shop at/support this holiday season: Decade Gifts

Your MCA Denver product selection: Luna Studs by TaylorNikoleThey are so funky, unique and original. These are a statement piece of jewelry to add to anyone’s collection. They can add some flare to a casual outfit or be the finishing touch for a festive virtual holiday party.


close up shot of marbled black and white arch earring on a model.

Brad Ingles | Memberships & Community Partnerships Manager

 portrait of Brad in front of what looks like a lush green plants. His hair looks unkept but cool, and he is looking off into the distance with a contemplative, serious look on his face, and is wearing a festive blue and red sweater.

Favorite small or local business to shop at/support this holiday season: Twist and Shout Records

Your MCA Denver product selection: The Art of the B-Movie Posters Book. I worked at a small theatre for 10 years growing up and always was fascinated by the artwork chosen for movie posters. This book does a great job of showcasing some beautiful, scary, obscure and just plain wonderful B-Movie posters. The perfect coffee table book for the movie lover in your life. 


 black colored book on a white background with bold text that reads, “The Art of the B-Movie Poster” in red and white colored font. The figures on the cover include a creepy skeleton draped in a black hooded robe holding onto a woman in a black bikini.

Krista Lauer | Curatorial Assistant & Octopus Initiative Administrator

 selfie of Krista with her cat. She is piercing her lips and is wearing a black turtle neck, yellow pom-pom earrings, and her red short hair is in curls. Her cat’s coloring is orange and white, and the cat has green eyes, which appear aghast.

Favorite small or local business to shop at/support this holiday season: MEEK Modern + Vintage

Your MCA Denver product selection: Artist Cat PinsThese pins combine two of my favorite things: cats and art historical puns. There are so many to choose from and they are such a fun addition to any item of clothing or accessory!


six cat pins on a white background. The pins include, Catisse, Basquicat, Salvador Catli, Georgia O’Kitty, Kitty Stardust, and René Mogritte.

Alexandra Stefanec | Visitor Services Manager

portrait of Alexandra is a room painted in a soft gray color. She is wearing a black turtle neck and glasses with black frames. Her long, straight dark brown hair is parted in the middle, and she has a serious look on her face.

Favorite small or local business to shop at/support this holiday season: Denver Modern 

Your MCA Denver product selection: Glass French PressIt's beautifully made and has a sleek and sophisticated design quality to it.


an orange glass french press, laying on a table in direct sunlight.

Check out the MCA Denver Shop for more gift ideas! Orders will need to be in no later than December 20th to ensure a timely holiday delivery.