May 8, 2020

Everything You Wanted to Know about David Adjaye, MCA Denver's Building Architect


Did you know the architect of MCA Denver’s building has been knighted by Queen Elizabeth, honored by President Barack Obama, lauded by Abu Dhabi's Crown Prince, received backing for a project from five living former British Prime Ministers, and commissioned for a cathedral by the President of Ghana, among other accolades?  

Denver is so fortunate to be among the cities that have benefitted from Sir David Adjaye’s vision. Clearly, his impact on art and architecture extends well beyond 1485 Delgany Street. Other projects around the globe include:

  • Gwangju River Reading Room - Adjaye and writer Taiye Selasi collaborated to create a memorial to the students in South Korea who lost their lives at a pro-democracy demonstration in 1980.
Photo of Gwangju River Reading Room in the outdoors during the day. It is a large dark structure resembling a voxelated desk.
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National Museum of African American History and Culture at night. The building glows from within. The Washington Monument stands in the background.
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A memorial dedicated to South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela. Four columns hold up a flat concrete roof over five marble benches in an outdoor space surrounded by trees and grass..
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  • Nobel Peace Center in Oslo - a place where you can experience and learn about the various Nobel Peace Prize laureates, as well as the remarkable history of Alfred Nobel.
Nobel Peace Center in Oslo. People gather in front of the cream colored building.
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Under construction:

  • Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi - an interfaith complex that will contain a church, mosque, and synagogue to encourage "peaceful co-existence and acceptance" of the three Abrahamic faiths Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.
Rendering of Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi. It is a large grey building with a flat roof and supporting column in v shape wrap the exterior.
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  • Mass Extinction Memorial Observatory - Adjaye’s plans for a monument in memory of extinct species was slated to open in England in 2019. It is a stone spiral housing an information and exhibition center for the nearly 1,000 species identified as extinct since the 17th century.
Mass Extinction Memorial Observatory. It is a large round structure situated on a cliffside with many levels.
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  • National Cathedral of Ghana - will serve as a combined community hub and place for worship, featuring a series of chapels, a music school, art gallery, and a bible museum. 
Rendering of the National Cathedral of Ghana at dusk. The rooftop slopes downwards. A pillar at the forefront holds a cross at the top.
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  • UK National Holocaust Memorial - a collaborative architectural project, it will be the first significant building in the UK dedicated to the Holocaust.
Rendering of the proposed UK National Holocaust Memorial. They are tall, thin stone slats that beging to tilt as if they were dominoes.
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