November 9, 2021

Community Spotlight: Meet Juannean Young, Denver-based Artist and Creative Life Coach Helping Others Create Positive Self-Practices to Tap Into The Best Creative Version of Themselves

Tai Bickham


On November 12th,  MCA Denver’s Black Sheep Fridays program presents a night of conversation around the practice of positive self-care and how to incorporate self-positivity into your life in fun, consistent ways with Creative Life Coach, Juannean Young. Juannean is a Denver-based artist, oracle and professional life coach. She incorporates her experiences and knowledge to her clients with intuitive insight and guides them with intentional practices to help individuals tap into their creative superpowers and self-love to develop the best creative version of themselves. I emailed Juannean to learn more about her creative coaching practice and about creating positive self-talk practices that can be incorporated into our daily life. 


Headshot of Creative Life Coach - Juanean Young

Hi Juannean! How have you been doing? 

Hi Tai! I’ve been amazingly well thanks.

What inspired you to become a Creative Life Coach? 

It was actually a progression of events. I’ve been the “go-to” person for advice in almost every circle that I can remember since I was a young girl. It was in my early twenties that I had people scheduling times to come to talk to me. It was then that I realized that I should be paid for this! I began training to become a certified life coach, and before I graduated, I had my first paid client! 

It took years for me to actually decide which niche of life coaching best fit my knowledge, skills, experience, and personality.

Along with creative life coaching, you’re also an artist and an oracle. How do you incorporate all of these elements into the services you provide?

Yes, that’s correct. After noticing that I am a natural teacher, intuitive person, and motivator, I accepted the fact that anything that I create would always include some aspect of this part of me. In every vibe that I put out into the world, you’ll discover some facet of coaching - helping others to realize the power that’s within them. I use my art as abstract and sometimes direct forms to express the insight. I am a multi-dimensional artist, which means my art usually has multiple levels to include digital works, and art to make developmental systems more appealing. 

I use the intuitive oracle side of me to help give myself and others clarity on their decisions and insight on a current point of attraction.

What got you interested in oracle readings and then becoming a practitioner yourself?  

I had a spiritual awakening about 10 years ago. During that time I kept feeling a “calling” toward the cards. I was hesitant at first. But, then I bought a deck and found that I had a natural sense to interpret them. I started reading the cards for myself. Then I studied tarot to understand the history and meaning behind it. Then, I started using the cards in my coaching sessions. Eventually, I started getting clients who just wanted spiritual/intuitive guidance. During these sessions, I use my natural connection to the divine source and oracle cards (of which I now prefer to use instead of tarot).

Have you found that more individuals are turning to the guidance of the oracle? How do you see the card's guidance in applying it to your everyday life? 

Yes! As someone who was raised in a Christian church, I find that many others with similar backgrounds are leaning more toward alternate forms of spirituality. Although I no longer call myself a “Christian”, I still hold strong faith around the principles of that religion. I personally feel that tarot/oracles allow me more freedom to explore the vastness of my beliefs. I meet many other people who feel the same.

Juanean holding an oracle card

What has influenced your creative practice? 

My son! Around the time of my awakening, my son and I were having an art session at the kitchen table. I was absolutely amazed at how well my son could cause a simple stick figure to feel so alive and full of action. I wanted my brain to be as imaginative as his. That was the beginning of my journey toward learning how to create in my own way.

What is a saying, music verse, quote that has been a mantra in your creative practice? 

“Ask and it shall be given.” It’s a scripture from the bible. I’ve walked many paths and the lesson that always finds me levels up my faith. I truly believe that all creation starts in the imagination. If I want to design a new product, create a new art workshop, or prepare for an exhibition, I must ask for what I want using my imagination. I allow the vision, feel the success, and then give thanks, knowing that it will manifest in its own timing. That’s how I make my art. It’s a very intuitive and spiritually connected process.

We’re excited to have you host our Let’s Taco ‘Bout It, Black Sheep Friday event. For the event, you’re going to be sharing about positive self-talk. Can you share a little of what positive self-talk looks like for you? How do you silence the negative self-talk? 

Sure! I’m really excited about the event as well! For me, positive self-talk is an all-day affair. Knowing that my thoughts and feelings are always sending out requests into the Universe, I can feel the effect of negative self-talk in every area of my life. So, to prevent such things, I wake up in the morning giving thanks. Then, I began to remember what I said that I want to manifest, and I began visualizing myself achieving that success. I tell myself, “you are fully capable!” My positive self-talk is a lifestyle that surrounds me. I have art on my wall with positive affirmations and reminders on my calendar that help me to remember to think brightly! Of course, negative thoughts do come up…But when they do, I take a break, communicate with my partner, and reach out for support if my emotions are too deep for me to handle alone at the moment.

How do you see incorporating sustainable self-care practices into our lives and infusing these practices not only personally, but professionally? 

This is a great question. It’s actually what I do with my creative life coaching workshops. Making self-care sustainable is all about building a new habit. It’s important to have a clear and specific goal and list out realistic action steps toward that goal. It’s also important to keep track of your progress. I teach people to make affirmations in creative ways (like framed art pieces). These affirmations are triggers that remind us to keep moving toward the light of that which we wish to manifest within ourselves.

What’s on the horizon that you’re excited about? 

I’m super excited about releasing my first deck of oracle cards at the beginning of 2022. The design of the art and messages are strongly influenced by the chakras and self-development. Stay tuned!

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