October 4, 2023

Community Spotlight: Diego Florez-Arroyo

Tai Bickhamart


Born and raised on the Northside of Denver, CO, Diego Florez-Arroyo is a natural savant, expressing his creative voice through poetry, music and the visual arts. 

Proflie image of Diego Florez-Arroyo

Earlier this year, Diego exhibited Mensajes Mestizos at Alto Gallery of RiNo Art Park, which focused on the spectrum of diversity among Chicano and Mexicano people in the American southwest and northern Mexican region, before and after the establishment of colonial borders. His multi-instrumental talent, writing, and composing is lent to Denver-based Chicano funk band, Los Mocochetes, which he is a founding member of, and has contributed to the Soul Jazz Funk Trio, The Cosmosmiths

In addition to his visual artistry and musical talents, you can also see his spoken word performances with Art Compost & Word Mechanics at the infamous Mercury Cafe. Diego is making a big impression in Denver, and can now add playwright to his resume. 

Performing the next two weekends at MCA Denver at the Holiday Theater is Diego’s new play, Cuauhtémoczin. A mythological impressionist work that uses ancient mythology and the setting of prison to house the connection of Cuauhtémoc’s last message and Dante’s journey through life. Through a captivating multi-media performance, Cuauhtémoczin journeys through a return to self in the darkest of isolation; leaving audiences in awe, and connecting them with a Glimpse of Aztec culture and their own warrior spirit.

We had the opportunity to interview Diego at his studio in Five Points about Cuauhtémoczin and his inspiration behind his artistic movement.

Watch the interview on our YouTube channel. 


Tickets are available for Cuauhtémoczin October 6 & 7, and October 13 & 14. Click here for more information!