November 13, 2019

Cocktails of the Moment at MCA Denver


Like our rotating exhibitions, our MCA Denver Cafe and Bar rotate our cocktail menu every exhibition cycle. Each of our cafe staff members walk through the exhibitions and concoct cocktail recipes inspired by the art in the building. Since we kick off our 10th Reunion of Black Sheep Friday this Friday, with the oh-so-fun: Extreme Glamour Shots, we wanted to ask our MCA Denver Cafe & Bar staff what their favorite MCA Denver cocktail is at the moment and why!

 So here is what we are drinking these days...

A polaroid of a young woman cringing after taking a shot of liquor.


MCA Denver Bartender: Dylan Woods

Favorite MCA Denver Cocktail: Edge of Alchemy

Why: It is inspired by Stacey Steers’ exhibition. The mezcal adds a light smoky twist to the classic Daiquiri. Rum and mezcal together forever! 

A coupe glass is filled with a hazy blue liquid and garnished with a cherry. On the bar behind the glass are bottles of mezcal, maraschino liqueur, and green chartreuse. The cocktail is a Last of the Oaxacans.

MCA Denver Bartender: Mairade Ronning

Favorite MCA Denver Cocktail: Night Hunter

Why: I love the pinkish/red color contrasted by the black salt and I feel very strongly about summer ending and people thinking margaritas are only for the summer so I made a fall margarita.

Hands prepare a blood orange colored cocktail on a cluttered bar. The drink is garnished with a strawberry in the shape of a heart.

MCA Denver Bartender: Mike Zubrinic

Favorite MCA Denver Cocktail: For Flora

Why: The absinthe rinse works well with the gin. It’s one of my favorite cocktails flavor-wise. Not too sweet and a lot like a traditional martini but with a spin.

A black and white image of hands pouring a liquid into a measuring jigger. The body isn’t visible so it appears as if the hands are floating.

MCA Denver Bartender: Mary Quinn

Favorite MCA Denver Cocktail: Dear Francesca

Why: It’s a cozy, wintery take on a favorite classic cocktail, the Old Fashioned.

Join us this Friday, November 15th for Glamour Shots while doing mystery shots (alcoholic or non-alchololic). Props, wigs and makeup provided! Can’t make it? Come to Black Sheep Friday next week (and the next week, and the next week) and be sure to come visit MCA Denver and try one of these cocktails!