November 2, 2018

Black Sheep Friday is Baahhhhhhk


Black Sheep Friday is back at MCA Denver for its ninth season of sophisticated nonsense. In anticipation of the return of the notorious event, we sat down with Carina Buchwald, Manager of Social Programs and Events here at MCA Denver. To get us extra jazzed about the upcoming event, we chatted with her about what Black Sheep is all about, what to expect, and the wild and totally amazing Slinky Olympics.  

Animated image of a black sheep walking with other sheep. It appears to baa and has glowing eyes.

What can we expect from this season of Black Sheep Friday?

Silly ridiculousness at its best.

Let's talk about the first event: Slinky Olympics going down November 9. Between the slinky stair racing, slinky CD dance, and slinky headband competition, what do you think will be the most ridiculously amazing?

The most benign is probably the stair racing, however, the competition will be fierce. The CD dancing and the headband competitions require the participants to move their bodies in pretty ridiculous ways; I think that will be hilarious to watch.

Black Sheep Friday Slinky Olympics


We literally can’t wait for crafts galore at XXX-MAS Craft Fair. Can you give us any inside scoop as to what the crafts will be like?

I am working with Ladies Fancy Works Society and Fancy Tiger Crafts for this event. They have been working on the sexy designs, but we are using felt as our base material.

Animated image of a cat sitting on a couch with its tongue out. It is sewing an image of a cat.

Black Sheep Friday Hooked on Ponics sounds all kinds of amazing. What exactly does hydroponic gardening class entail?

Hydroponic gardening is gardening without soil! I am working on the details of what the class will look like, but my goal is to give visitors an idea of what hydroponic gardening is. Perhaps set them up with the basic knowledge to go home and start a little garden.

Let's back up for a second, how in the heck do you come up with these ideas?!

Every year the staff gets together for a brainstorming session. We have so many brilliant minds that come up with the ideas! I am always amazed at the ideas that everyone comes with.

This year's no exception, the list of events are all crazy brilliant! Which one are you the most excited about?

I am excited about all of them. They are all so silly and have a fun activity! My favorite things about the events is watching the visitor's enjoyment. I also love the interesting creative people that come to assist with the events. I have gotten to work with so many talented people.

Animated image from The Fresh Prince of BelAir. A middle aged man and woman are in pink and blue track suits. They are dancing in their house. 

And finally, MCA Denver events have a tendency to sell out, so tell us everything we need to know about coming and participating!?

Black Sheep Friday is free with museum admission. And if you aren't a member, no worries, it's only $5 after 5PM to get into the museum. And this is a walk-up program so that means there are no tickets to sell out!! So that means EVERYONE can come, but because space and supplies are limited, you'll have your best chance of really participating if you come early. And good news for you we have a killer happy hour up in the cafe from 5–7PM so you can drink before the shenanigans begin at 6–9PM.