August 19, 2022

B-Side Music Fridays with Schama Noel & Wheelchair Sports Camp

Tai Bickham


MCA Denver’s B-Side Music Fridays comes to an end after a stellar season featuring a fabulous line-up of amazingly talented local musicians ranging from surf rock and electronic to hip hop and dreamy soundscapes. Get your crew together and come enjoy the final performances on August 19 with Schama Noel and Wheelchair Sports Camp taking the museum’s rooftop stage. 

Schama Noel

Hip Hop Artist, Schama Noel headshot. Wearing a maroon sweater laying in fall colored leaves

What is the origin story behind Schama Noel? 

I was born in Haiti, my parents brought me to America at the age of 2 (Orlando, Florida). I was raised in a conservative Christian household where I wasn’t allowed to listen to secular music, however, my babysitters always listened to hip-hop. From the moment I was exposed to this new sound I was drawn to it, this was the start of my journey to becoming the artist I am today. I hold onto the morals my parents and the church instilled in me by making sure that my music content is family friendly and has a message. 

I started an account called @RapLike on twitter in 2013 and connected with my former manager who ran the account @OnlyHipHopFacts. Hassan, who has sadly passed away, helped me travel to Dubai to perform my first show, helped me grow an international fan base, and hedlped me gain connections which lead to my song with Masta Ace, The Last Dragons. I released remixes and songs in the years following, however, I wasn’t getting the opportunities I wanted in Orlando. This led me to visit and later move to Denver to further pursue my career. While in Denver, I have begun receiving the opportunities lacking in Orlando. It has been a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

How long have you been performing in Denver? What is your favorite thing about the Denver music scene? 

I’ve been performing in Denver for 2 years, my favorite thing about the music scene here is that people are supportive and interested in furthering the careers of local artists.

Where do you find inspiration for your music?

 Life experiences, whether they are mine or other people’s. I also draw inspiration from my favorite artists. 

Who are some artists/creators that are influential to your musical practice?

 Andre 3000, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean & Chance The Rapper

Music can be an immersive experience. How would you describe your sound as a texture, a scent, or a taste? 

As a taste I would describe my music as rich, piquant, and succulent.

What should we expect from your performance? 

Introspection, creativity, and sincerity.

What are you excited about for this year? 

All of the festivals I’m a part of this year (Thursday Night Live, Melon Valley Festival, UMS, Downtown in Denver) and my upcoming EP, Two Can Play That Game, which is actually set to drop the same day as my performance at the MCA (August 19th).


Wheelchair Sports Camp

the music group wheelchair sports camp

About the Band: 

Fronted by the wheelchair using, rap heavy, beat-making, freedom fighting producer, educator, foul mouthed, queer rebel rouser Kalyn, the band is a combination of live and electronic instruments with a more noisey, jazzy, experimental, combination to the traditional hip-hop group. Raised by the DIY (Do It Yourself) spirit of experimental independence, the band has since relied on interdependence in order to stretch into theatre, performance art, public television, politics, prison tours, permanent installations, and more to come. 


For more information and to purchase tickets to B-Side Music Fridays, click here.