August 5, 2022

B-Side Music Fridays with Fly Amanita & The Mañanas

Tai Bickham


MCA Denver’s B-Side Music Fridays is going strong this season with a fabulous line-up of amazingly talented local musicians ranging from surf rock and electronic to hip hop and dreamy soundscapes. On August 5 MCA Denver welcomes Fly Amanita and The Mañanas to the museum’s rooftop. Get your crew together and come enjoy Friday nights this summer with crisp libations and solid grooves. 

Fly Amanita 

Band photo of Fly Amanita standing in tall grass, naked with their instruments in front of them

When did Fly Amanita come together?

We (Tommy Kaiser, vocalist and guitar, and Zach Kaiser on drums) came together at the end of 2019. I had been running a recording studio with some friends for a few years and had all these song ideas. I recorded the EP with the help of a collective of artists and friends and started piecing a live band together over the last year. 

How long have you been performing in Denver? What is your favorite thing about the Denver music scene?

I have been performing in Denver off and on over the last ten years but this will be the first live show Fly Amanita has done! I love the Denver music scene because of how inclusive it is. Denver embraces all types of genres and is quite open-minded. 

Where do you find inspiration for your music? 

The music is fueled by raw emotions and left field thoughts that may not have an outlet in everyday life. The joys and frustrations of the modern human experience all come out in the music as a sort of cathartic experience for myself and hopefully others. 

Who are some artists/creators that are influential to your musical practice?

Dick Dale, The Ventures, The Allah-Las, Tame Impala, along with skate and surf culture as a whole are all major influences on the sound of the band

Music can be an immersive experience. How would you describe your sound as a texture, a scent, or a taste? 

Haha, great question. I’d say soaking wet with the scent of burnt rubber and the taste of a salty wave. 

What should we expect from your performance?

 An energetic psychedelic show with washed-out grooves and catchy hooks. 

What are you excited about for this year? 

 I’m very excited to play more shows this fall and work on finishing up our next record that will come out early next year. 


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The Mañanas

the mañanas band photo


The Mañanas is an alternative rock project hailing from Denver, Colorado. After years of songwriting on his own, lead singer/guitarist/songwriter and project brainchild Brandon Upingco teamed up with producer Danny Pauta in 2019 to lay down the foundation of the musical project that today is known as The Mañanas. Packed with fun choruses, jangly guitars, and low-yet-also-hi-fi production, Patiently, the project’s debut single, was released in April 2020.


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