January 18, 2018

Adventures with Artist Cynthia Gutierrez

Thad Mighell


As part of Saber Acomodar: Art & Workshops of Jalisco 1915-NOW, we've been lucky to have the opportunity to host Guadalajaran artist Cynthia Gutierrez for a residency at MCA Denver for the past two weeks. One of the really important aspects of the residency program is to expose these traveling artists to a new place and culture, new people, different ideas and experiences to inspire them with their work, art, and life. And I for one, am so honored and proud that part of my job is to reveal the city of Denver to these artists and immerse them in new adventures. So without further ado, here's what we've been up to...

Cynthia got into Denver on Sunday, January 7th and we wasted no time seeing the sites and eating tons of great food!

Since we had a workshop to host in only three days we hit the thrift shops to find objects to use in Cynthia’s demonstration. We found so many high-quality ceramics that we started regretting having to smash them (for the workshops)…

Cynthia pottery

We also found this weird thing, we have no idea what it does, but we bought it anyway. We are giving it to local artist Charles Russell, b/c he likes this kind of thing.


We wrapped up last week with a 3ish mile hike to the Castle Ruins at Mt. Falcon, near Morrison, Colorado.

Cynthia hike

And afterward, we had a well-deserved beer in Morrison.

Cynthia beer

On Monday, Cynthia joined the annual Marade for MLK Jr. Day and had a blast. I did not join, it was cold and my comfy pants were calling my name. Instead, Alex Jimenez from Teen Programs spent some quality time with Cynthia. She told me later that this was the first time she ever saw a snowflake, and it was amazing!

Cynthia MLK

The next day we hit the thrifting hard again and ended up at that ARC right by Casa Bonita soooo, when in Rome…

Cynthia Casa Bonita