This piece that I'm sharing is subimago. This is a conversation from 2020 into 2021 with Ms. Narkita.

And I've changed since.

The realizing that you haven't yet manifested your wings, thinking that you're ready to set flight by night, jumping with reality, zooming fast into your now, somehow, I have a body ready to fly.

Feels like a lie waiting for reply. I can't wait until I shed off this weight.

Not realizing you still need to shed off that old skin.

Some say it all starts by looking within.

Ask a friend, talk to kin.

Rolling up blunts with a heart make of tin.

Now you're thin, but still feeling empty within. Maybe I can cover it up with a win. That's the trend.

But real life's outside of the screens.

Are you living for yourself for someone else's dreams?

We're all fiends chasing light beings like a moth to the fire. Yahweh new desire, a reflection of creator. We're all blinded by the now.

We can elevate to Yah.

Elohim, break us down.

Subimago me new.

Show me truth resurrected into light.

I'm just witness, Jah the proof.