Intermixed: Kahlil Cezanne, Juan Fuentes & Ratio Beerworks


MCA Denver
1485 Delgany St.
Denver, CO 80202
United States


About the DJ: Juan Fuentes

Black and white photo of DJ Juan Fuentes.

Juan Fuentes is a multi-disciplinary artist/DJ born in Chihuahua, Mexico, and based in Denver, CO. His musical spectrum spans all flavors - from Soul and R&B to Jazz and Funk to rare and eclectic sounds from all corners of the world. You can catch him playing all vinyl sets every other Friday night at Sputnik and many other venues in Denver.


About the DJ: Kahlil Cezanne

Black and white photo of Kahlil Cezanne standing in front of a brick building.

Kahlil Cezanne is an interdisciplinary artist and Dj from Denver, Colorado. His sounds range from hip hop to funk, soul, jazz, disco, and house. Currently running a residency at Sputnik with Juan Fuentes, Kahlil has played different venues such as Meadowlark and 715 club as well as Gerards Pool Hall and Hi Dive amongst many others.


About Ratio Beerworks

Black and white logo that reads, "Ratio Beerworks".

In many ways, Ratio started in the punk scene back in the late 90s. We cut our teeth by touring, playing out, creating zines, and working at labels. That DIY mindset prepared us for the challenges of creating and sharing our passions on our terms. Over the years, that energy has been channeled into brewing, learning the craft in Germany, and honing our skills at some of the most respected breweries in Colorado. After moving on to successful careers in brewing, marketing, and finance; we have teamed up again for our most ambitious project yet - Ratio Beerworks.