Charlatans/Animals/Goons + Malingering + Frantic Techno | 3 Things, Any 3 Things


Museum of Contemporary Art Denver
1485 Delgany Street
Denver, CO 80202
United States

Three Things, Any Three Things is an experiment in performance, lecture, and music.
We bring you three experiences. We smash them together. We make no connections.

Let’s see what happens.

June 14:
Charlatans/Animals/Goons + Malingering + Frantic Techno  with Lewis Neeff, Renee Kadlubek, and Anton Kruger

$10 Member/Students  |  $15 Nonmembers

Series (3 events) – $40 Nonmembers/ $20 Members
All events 7-8:45PM @ MCA Denver

Get there early for a happy hour drink in the cafe!

Bios of guest speakers:

Anton Kruger: Performs most notably under the name Bollywood Life, and more recently as H LITE. This up and coming techno powerhouse is barely old enough to drink, so it’s almost certain we will see more from him in the upcoming golden years of his career.

Lewis Neeff: Lewis Mitchell Neeff was born in Superior, Wyoming and currently lives and works in Denver.  His art is driven by his interest in the felt presence of direct experience, mysticism, and the absurdity of existence at large.  Neeff’s diverse works - in photography, video, costuming, humor, and interventions within civic space - aim to revivify the human spirit, empower the individual, and create a heightened sense that perhaps things not what they seem.

Renee Kadlubek:Renee Kadlubek has her PhD in Educational Psychology and her JD in law. She currently works as a School Psychologist in New Mexico.  Dr. Kadlubek’s main interests include forensic psychology, autism, and human rights.

Other dates. Pick your fav, or join us for all three. 

June 21:
The Centrifuge Brain Project + the Needle Trick + Meta Guitar
with Till Nowak, James Lopez, and Janet Feder

June 28:
Music for Plants + Whiskey + Hip Hop Harpist
with Carlo Patrao, Ryan Megly, and Erin Newton