B-Side: Nelo & 2MX2


MCA Denver
1485 Delgany St.
Denver, CO 80202
United States


About 2MX2

2MX2 is a dynamic bilingual band blending Latin, alternative, pop, and urban rhythms with lyrics in both English and Spanish. The band consists of Owen Trujillo (O1) from Zacatecas, Denver natives Juice E. Hugo, Lolita, DMD, and Kenny O., as well as Eastlin and the Chilean/Cuban artist Adrian Garay. Known for their thought-provoking lyrics, 2MX2 addresses pressing social issues such as immigration, mental health, and education reform.

Rooted in the dualistic heritage of ancient empires and modern challenges, their music reflects a profound understanding of historical cycles and a commitment to societal change. The band's symbol, derived from the "Ollin" of the Aztec calendar, embodies their connection to cultural roots and a shared humanity.

As they continue to evolve, 2MX2 remains committed to their craft, merging cultural heritage with social activism in music that entertains, inspires, and educates. Their work is a testament to their impact on both the music scene and global issues.


About Nelo

Rapper, singer, and songwriter, Nelo, introduced himself to the world in early 2020. He creatively infuses soul, relatable experiences, and life lessons with music. In 2023, during hip hop's 50th anniversary Nelo was named Westword's best in hip hop.

As an artist, he has leveraged his platform in support of community by directing a non-profit named The Kaleidoscope Project, whose mission is to advance health equity through the arts. He currently teaches Music TheRAPy at a range of schools throughout the Denver Metro Area and Aurora, Colorado. Outside of the classroom and studio, he and Kerrie Joy, Adams County Poet Laureate, co-created the wildly popular Dope $h!t w/ Friends concert series, a set of independently run shows highlighting BIPOC artists.

A one of one artist, Nelo, has quickly made a name for himself. With his expansive ability to consistently engineer new sounds, he is definitely an artist to watch for and work with.


About the Curator

Born and raised in Colorado, Demi Harvey is known for creating community through her social media influence, events, and partnerships. She has a deep appreciation for the Colorado music scene and has built up artists through her work with Indie 102.3, The Underground Music Showcase and more music focused organizations across the city. Follow her on Instagram @demiakademigod