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MCA Denver teens have officially launched our new project, Moxie Magazine (aka MoxieMag).

What is MoxieMag?

So glad you asked! It's a magazine, created by teens for teens (and everyone else). Teens in this 3-month paid internship made up the writers, designers and creative thinkers who string together art, music, stories and shenanigans into a monthly publication. Teens partner and work with local artists, MCA staff and peers to explore contemporary ideas and current happenings, create and share original content, and take creative risks in a supportive community. It's a digital program, and we meet weekly over zoom!

We are excited, and we are happy that you are here to join us on this new adventure.

Check out the latest October issue

A black and white image of the head of the Statue of Liberty upside down. There are “I Voted” stickers surrounding it. The words “Moxie Mag” are printed in bold letters on the top of the image.

Check out the first issue

Moxie Mag

Meet the teens

Moxie Mag

Moxie Mag

Want to join the squad?

We are not currently accepting applications to be a MoxieMag intern, but check back in December for more info on how to apply!



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