Teen MoxieMag


MCA Denver teens have officially launched our new project, Moxie Magazine (aka MoxieMag).

What is MoxieMag?

So glad you asked! It's a magazine, created by teens for teens (and everyone else). Teens in this 3-month paid internship make up the writers, designers and creative thinkers who string together art, music, stories and shenanigans into a monthly publication. Teens partner and work with local artists, MCA staff and peers to explore contemporary ideas and current happenings, create and share original content, and take creative risks in a supportive community. It's a digital program, and we meet weekly over zoom!

Teen interns in this program also take ownership over our teen Instagram handle and work to engage our larger teen audience as well. It's a digital program, and we meet weekly over zoom from 4:00-6:00PM. Interns are paid up to $250 for their participation in the program.

We are excited, and we are happy that you are here to join us on this new adventure.

We're not currently accepting applications, but check back later or follow us on Instagram to be in the know!

Check out the latest January 2021 issue:

a retro yet futuristic blue, pink, and white cover of MCA Denver teens January issue of MoxieMag. Congregated in the middle of the page is a group of people with their faces blurred, clad in early 2000’s outfits. Above the group of people is the text “Moxie Mag” and underneath them reads “January, 2021”. The font is a soft white and has a three dimensional quality to it with a shadow text effect.

December 2020 issue:

The cover of the December issue of MCA Denver Teen’s MoxieMag. The cover has a psychedelic vibe to it, with swirls of orange, yellow, and red. The text on the cover reads “Moxie Mag” in exaggerated, bright yellow font.  The white geometric MCA Denver teen logo is placed on the bottom right corner of the page.

November 2020 Issue:

The cover of the November issue of Moxie Mag. The title reads, “MOXIE MAG NOVEMBER 2020, We Are the Change” and the MCA Denver teen logo is in the bottom right corner. The cover is a bright, cobalt blue, and nine illustrations sit in the center, each contained within a circle or square shape. Each illustration addresses a different political or human rights issues.

October 2020 issue:

A black and white image of the head of the Statue of Liberty upside down. There are “I Voted” stickers surrounding it. The words “Moxie Mag” are printed in bold letters on the top of the image.

The first issue, September 2020:

Moxie Mag

Meet the teens: Fall 2020 cohort

An image of nine teens, that includes individual portraits of each (which are cropped in the shape of a circle) and their respective bios. Each name, bio, and portrait sits on a horizontal blue line. The background of the image looks like blue and purple metallic streamers. The bottom right corner of the image has black text that reads, “We are the teens behind this month’s issue”.





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