Teen Digital Art Submissions


Want your digital art to be featured in the MCA Denver Teen Idea Box (aka the third floor of the museum)? 

We’re assuming you answered that question with a resounding HECK TO THE YES! MCA Denver is accepting digital art submissions by teens to be showcased on the television screen in the Teen Idea Box. We want your work front and center, displayed for MCA Denver visitors to see. 

This could be a photo montage, a short video, a graphic, you name it. But be mindful of a few things: The screens don’t emit any sound, your submission should stay within a 1920x1080 format, and it should be no longer than 5 minutes if the submission is a video or some sort of interactive medium. 

Be creative, be you! And submit, if you’re feeling it, for a chance to have your work showcased.

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