Octopus Initiative Lottery Winners Selected Monthly


Have you ever looked at a work of contemporary art in a museum and wanted to bring it home? Well, now's your chance. MCA Denver's Octopus Initiative is offering any resident of the Denver metro area the chance to borrow and live with a work of art made by a Denver-based artist for ten months. FOR FREE. You in?

Any Denver metro area resident can participate and enter the lottery from anywhere with an internet-connected device. However, you must visit the museum in person to collect a work if you win.

There is an individual lottery for each work of art. If you favorite a work, you are automatically entered into the lottery for it. Our amazing, technically-advanced algorithm works its magic and selects winners for each available artwork. Lotteries occur once a month, on the 15th of each month. Newly available works of art will be posted on the 15th, enabling you to favorite and enter another lottery at that time.