Call for artists 2022

Always wanted to design an MCA Denver t-shirt?

2021 T-shirt by Sierra Montoya Barela

Person smiling and sporting a white t-shirt with a red design on it. The design features a bottle of tequila with the words “MCA DENVER” on the label. The bottle is full, and is sitting on a small rug, with fruit (perhaps oranges) next to it.

2020 T-Shirt by George Bangs

A close up image of a person wearing a white t-shirt with a black and white line drawing of the outline of a human profile on it. There is a small flower near the nose, which makes it look as though the figure on the shirt is smelling the flower. There is text between the flower and the head that reads “MCA Denver”. Inside the head are eyes, an ear, a smiley face, a mouth with a tongue sticking out, and a few other facial features.

2019 T-Shirt by Alexandra Stefanec

Person wearing black and white abstract shirt and smiling softly