Ellina Kevorkian
Ellina kevorkian: violet against women


December 2012–January 2014

Violet Against Women is an online project in the form of a blog by artist Ellina Kevorkian. In 2010, Kevorkian organized a one-night event of video and performance called Violet Against Women: Confronting Notions of the Feminine in Los Angeles. Kevorkian included artists who used humor or a sense of theatricality in their work. Following the event, Kevorkian and Elissa Auther, co-curator of Feminism + Co., began a conversation about Violet and the possibility of bringing it to Museum of Contemporary Art Denver.

Kevorkian says this about the project: “The blog as a format seemed a perfect strainer for catching and recording the copious ways artists allow culture to inform their work or how they proceed through the tenable business of being an artist. Maybe it will illuminate the ways we connect with each other within the tribe and how we communicate with those outside of our vortex. With the popular jargon in the field preaching interdisciplinary medium, why not make more transparent the medium, genre, and discipline-hopping we truly do as artists.”

This is an artwork in progress. This durational, site-specific project explores and documents artist Ellina Kevorkian’s studio practice, professional and family life, as well as the myriad interdisciplinary and cultural sources that influence and define her identity as an artist, curator, and mother.

This project is hosted online at violetagainstwomen.tumblr.com and will remain live from December 2012–January 2014.

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Tues—Fri NOON-9PM
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