Hosted by MCA Denver
Friday, April 21, 2017 at 5:00 pm
MCA Denver, Denver, United States, 80202 - View Full Map
This season we present MCA Spring Breaks: A Vacation From Normal. This brand new series of epic events will bring you back to your days of MTV debauchery and give you an excuse to name drop Carmen Electra and Sisqo again. Bring on the frosted tips, jorts, and tequila-infused seediness because Spring Break is here.

Cafe music is back this Friday with Chella & The Charm​. This local Denver Americana/Alt-Country/Folk band likes trains, whiskey, broken hearts, and PBR Tallboys. The concert is free with $5 museum admission (obviously Members are free). Expect tunes, vibes, and good times.

Happy hour 5-7PM | Music 6-8PM in the MCA Cafe
The museum is open until 9PM on Fridays