Heimrad Bäcker

Heimrad Bäcker: Landscape M

SEPTEMBER 27, 2013–JANUARY 5, 2014

The photographer and poet Heimrad Bäcker (1925-2003) dedicated his life to documenting the remnants of Nazism and the Holocaust. Bäcker’s photographs look away from the scenes usually associated with the Shoah—barracks, gates, train tracks—and focus on the minute and incidental traces left behind in the Austrian landscape: indentations in stone, twisted steel rods, and concrete foundations. His examination of Austrian history is also a self-critical reflection on his enthusiastic participation, as a teenager, in the Hitler Youth and the Nazi Party. Landscape M focuses on Bäcker’s works related to Mauthausen, the largest concentration camp in Austria. MCA Denver’s exhibition is the first of Bäcker’s work in the US, and it is the first to show the body of work left behind after his death.

A catalogue accompanying the exhibition will feature a foreword by Adam Lerner and essays by Patrick Greaney and Martin Hochleitner. Ugly Duckling Presse will issue a special letterpress edition of Bäcker’s 1985 book SEASCAPE, with an afterword by Charles Bernstein.

This exhibition is made possible with the support of the Austrian Ministry of Culture, the Austrian Consulate General in Los Angeles, the Heimrad Bäcker Society, the State of Upper Austria, and the Colorado Creative Industries.  MCA Denver also thanks the citizens of the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District. Landscape M is curated by Patrick Greaney.

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