Senior Dogs, Exoplanets, & the Drums 3 Things, Any 3 Things


Museum of Contemporary Art Denver
1485 Delgany Street
Denver, CO 80202
United States

Three Things, Any Three Things is an experiment in performance, lecture, and music.
We bring you three experiences. We smash them together. We make no connections.

Let’s see what happens.

November 2:
Senior Dogs, Exoplanets, & the Drums
with @wolfgang2242 (Steve Greig), Ka Chun Yu, & Gregg Ziemba

Instagram star and dog whisper, Wolfgang2242, is going to talk about the adoption of older dogs. Ka Chun Yu, the curator of space science at DMNS is going to explore exoplanets are the planets that belong to other solar systems and let us know what makes our own solar system special. And Gregg Ziema will bang the drum. (Told you we smashed things together.)

$10 Member/Students  |  $15 Nonmembers
Series (3 events) – $40 Nonmembers/ $25 Members
All events 7-8:30PM @ MCA Denver


Other dates. Pick your fav, or join us for all three. 

November 16:
Situationist Fashion, Chiptune Duets, & a Glossary of Graffiti
with Maria Buszek, Peter Montoulieu, & Anthony Garcia Sr.

November 30:
Sonic Art, Awkward Hugs, & A Barn Dance
with Nathan Hall, Ty Tashiro, & Halden Wofford