Dario Robleto: An Instinct Toward Life

Dario Robleto: An Instinct Toward Life


FEBRUARY 4, 2011–MAY 15, 2011

Dario Robleto: An Instinct Toward Life featured work by Houston based artist Dario Robleto that confronts the experience of war from multiple perspectives. His sculptures are comprised of a wide range of materials exploring the traumatic repercussions of the battle and the home fronts, including bullet lead, bone dust from every bone in the body, and paper pulp made from sweetheart letters written by soldiers who did not return home from war. Robleto's works narrate the collective experiences of particular groups such as veterans, war widows and medical corps personnel. Dario Robleto: An Instinct Toward Life included over 15 works, including a new sculpture, Defiant Gardens, created specifically for this exhibition. MCA Denver collaborated with Regis University's Center for the Study of War Experience to connect veterans' associations with the museum for a series of programs that addressed the legacy of war and provided a forum for discussing the profundity of the experience that these works introduce.



Dario Robleto: An Instinct Toward Life was presented in the David & Laura Merage Foundation Gallery and the Lu & Chris Law Gallery from February 4, 2011 through May 15, 2011. The opening celebration was held Friday, February 4. A catalog with essays by curator Nora Burnett Abrams and historian Nathan Matlock will accompany the exhibition.

image: Dario Robleto. Defiant Gardens (detail), 2009–2010. Cut paper, homemade paper (pulp made from soldiers? letters sent home and wife/sweetheart letters sent to soldiers from various wars,cotton), thread and fabric from soldiers? uniforms of various wars, carrier pigeon skeletons, WWII-era pigeon message capsules, dried flowers from various battlefields, hair flowers braided by war widows, mourning dress fabric, excavated shrapnel and bullet lead from various battlefields, various seeds, various seashells, cartes de visite, gold leaf, silk, ribbon, wood, glass, foam core, glue. Courtesy the artist and ACME. Gallery, Los Angeles


Fall opening celebration October 7. (Get Tickets)

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