Confluence Project

PlatteForum Creative Residency + MCA Denver

the etiquette of anarchy: preserving the writing on the wall

MAY 6–JUNE 26, 2011

The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (MCA Denver) and PlatteForum presented the second annual Confluence Project, a shared Artist-in-Residence program featuring Creative Resident, Daniele Pario Perra from May 6 through June 26, 2011. Perra showcased his seven-week residency at PlatteForum with an installation in the Fox Family Idea Box at MCA Denver titled ANARCH-ETIQUETTE: the etiquette of anarchy: preserving the writing on the wall. Throughout his residency, Perra led intensive workshops with students from ArtLab and TeCo, where they learned about how wall writings and graffiti are forms of spontaneous communication in urban culture. Anthropology students from the University of Denver participated as ethnographers, documenting the work both visually and textually.

The project began with a search of Denver’s urban environment for graffiti and writings that would communicate the integral, sociological aspects of the city’s various cultural and ethnic influences. Then, Perra and the students used a fresco removal process to extract the selected writings from the original structure.The graffiti was coated with a fresco-like material, left to sit for several days, until every detail was absorbed and could be stripped from the wall. The writings were transferred onto large canvases through a gluing technique. A collection of the final project at MCA Denver created a forum for open discussion where visitors could experience and participate in the spontaneous communication and ideas within urban communities. ANARCH-ETIQUETTE: the etiquette of anarchy: preserving the writing on the wall was not about the uniqueness of a single statement on a wall but rather the collection of various writings, which revealed an understanding of the DNA of a city or area itself.

Daniele Pario Perra is an Italian artist based in Bologna, Italy. His work ranges across many different disciplines: art, design, sociology, anthropology, architecture and geopolitics. His work explores spontaneous creativity, cultural trends and patterns of urban development as well as the constant relationship between material culture and symbolic heritage. In 2001, he started the Low-Cost Design database, published in 2010, which contains more than 7,000 photographs of the transformations of objects and public spaces in Europe and around the Mediterranean. He is also interested in spontaneous communication that takes place in various European cities. Using the “Fresco Removals” process, Perra organizes workshops on how to preserve notable examples of wall writings and graffiti before their removal by private and public agencies. This residency represents Perra’s first U.S. based Confluence Project, a shared Artist-in-Residence program between PlatteForum and MCA Denver.

Confluence Project artists create new work and lead workshops with teens from
PlatteForum's ArtLab and MCA Denver's Teen Council. The artist and students’ works from the workshops were later exhibited in the Fox Family Idea Box at MCA Denver.


Confluence Project is supported by the Fox Family, Daniel Lincoln & Mark Watts, JP Morgan Chase and the National Endowment for the Arts.

image: Daniele Pario Perra. God Shave the Queen (detail), 2010


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